3 Things You Should Know About Electric Hedge Trimmers

A hedge trimmer is something every gardener needs to keep their property looking wonderful. The choice is whether to get an electric or manual one. An electric one is more convenient and is easier to operate physically than a manual one that requires your body strength to cut and trim the overgrown hedges. Body Trimmer



Weight is something you ought to take into consideration when buying your hedge trimmer. Some are going to weigh more than others so if your physical strength is limited, go for one on the lighter side of the spectrum. Know however, that lighter ones are not as powerful and if you need a lot of power for thick hedges or intense cutting than you will have to sacrifice light weight ability and go with something that may strain your biceps just a bit.

Blade length is something else that you should take into consideration when shopping for your electric hedge trimmer. Blades vary in length from the longest at around 40 inches to the shortest at 13 inches. Bigger is not always better but they are suitable for the wider hedges you may encounter. The recommendation for average use is 16 inches. The smaller blades keep weight down while still ensuring that the job you’re trying to accomplish gets done too.

Beware of hedge trimmers that have different blades that you can switch out. They may seem convenient but many experts have warnings that they can throw the balance of the trimmer out of whack. The trimmer will be easier to handle if you get a smaller blade so get a smaller one if possible. Also take note of what the blades are made of. Carbon steel is a good choice because the edges stay sharper longer which saves time from having to continuously sharpen them to work to their maximum ability. You can also choose between single or dual blades that cut at the same. Dual blades work continuously and do a better job of getting a clean cut.

Electric hedge trimmers are convenient but they have their drawbacks as well. You need to be within 100 feet of an outlet which means if you are far away from the house and don’t have an incredibly long extension cord or cords, you’re going to have a tough time tackling all those hedges. People who have a lot of property that requires maintenance may be more suited to a gas trimmer. Using an electric trimmer has another drawback because it cannot be used in wet conditions due to the dangers of electricity in wet conditions. It can be easier to use them and they have less of an impact on the environment since fumes aren’t being emitted every time the trimmer is used.

An electric hedge trimmer is a great option for someone who needs a lightweight, easy to use trimmer without needing to do incredibly intensive work. However, take note of any drawbacks to ensure that the trimmer you purchase is going to be the one that will work for you to get the job done.

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