Alternative Building Materials for Homes

Most houses are made from brick, wood, or a combination of both. However, there are many other materials that can be used to build a home besides the more conventional materials. What is impressive is that most of the alternate materials used to build homes can offer more than just shelter. house building materials 

One substitute for bricks are earthbags, which are strategically placed to construct an earthbag home. This particular style of home offers eco-friendly effects in addition to the necessity of shelter. The construction starts by filling plastic sandbags with clay and sand, or a mixture of stone powder, dirt and sodium carbonate, or lime. Your choices are not limited to these, however. You can also use other cement capable waste. All the same, when making your choice about which type of bag to use it is recommended to use plastic. Considering that plastic has great durability, the bags used to make the walls will last for lifetimes. Once the bags are covered with adobe or plaster, gas being given off or degrading from sun rays will both be prevented. The bags are then laid atop each other to form walls. Barbed wire is placed between bags to prevent the bags from slipping out of place. It is amazing what kinds of designs are made with careful planning and construction.

Earthbags homes are known to take on unconventional shapes. In some cases walls are made to form curves, domes, or arches to provide the home with the same beautiful architecture that more commonly built home possess. As mentioned before earthbag homes offer other perks than shelter. Due to the combination of materials, which are mostly naturally occurring, these homes are reputed for providing quality insulation. Insulation is very important in a home, offering comfortable living conditions while cutting down on utility expenses. Without proper insulation a homeowner can experience costly repairs to overworked appliances, replacing those appliances altogether, or high utility bills. These particular materials used make an enormous difference when it comes to the cost of building as well. Not only does this eco-friendly home produce savings, it is also cheap to acquire the necessary materials. As for time, the homes can be built in a timely manner to meet living needs. The only time consuming part of the procedure in the process is filling the bags. This is mainly because the bags are filled on site while they are being placed on top of the other previously laid bags.



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