Career Possibilities With Forensic Anthropology

Forensic anthropology is pairing the technology of human osteology and physical anthropology, generally within legal environment. Osteology refers to the study regarding a person’s skeleton. Anthropology forensics will be most often used in criminal investigations generally if the victim’s remains are already inside the advanced stages of decomposition.

To make anthropology forensics a job, you will have to concentrate on two fields of forensics training: bodily anthropology and archeology. In physical anthropology, the main focus must be on skeletal biology. An actual anthropologist is in charge of determining if the bones are human or not, and if they are, to create a biological profile from the bones that will help in identifying the person. This biological description essentially includes identifying the gender, ancestry, age at the moment of death, trauma, as well as stature. Alternatively, by being a professional in archeology, the forensic anthropologist is able to help out with searching for and digging up skeletal remains.

Exactly why anthropology forensic experts exist is so that they can discover the truth as well as provide evidence for their theory. A forensic anthropologist gives us the right perspective of the situation by delivering evidence of what individuals claim to have happened that in fact didn’t happen. Mark Hauser

With the increasing occurrence of criminal offenses today, the need for qualified experts in anthropology experts increase. Thus you will find them working in law enforcement agencies including the FBI where they act as private consultants in both an academic as well as laboratory setting, in research, and in the medical examiner or coroner departments.

On the other hand, forensic anthropologists are not only needed in criminal investigations. Forensic anthropology also works in different archaeological research. Studying and learning about past cultures like burial practices, provides us with a better understanding of the social organization and sex differentiations a long time ago. Another feature where forensic anthropology can be applied is in studying the health and diet of a culture. There are certain diseases that physically changes the skeletal structure, thus forensic anthropology comes in to determine the causes for which these were caused.

The advance brought about in science and technology is continuously improving the tools that forensic anthropologists use. Although forensics anthropology dates back to as long as the mid sixteenth century, the recent changes in the industry, particularly the tools and methods of study, have propelled this science into a whole new level.



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