Housekeeper Versus Professional Cleaning Company – a Closer Look

Is it Better to Hire a Cleaning Service or an Individual Housekeeper for Your Vacation Property?
The major question for most of the owners renting out their vacation homes is “how do I decide on and find the requisite cleaning staff?” It is necessary to have a person/staff on hand to keep the place clean. Given the need, the choice often falls between hiring an individual housekeeper and engaging the services of a janitorial company. There are positives and negatives to both the choices. In the end, the decision may well depend on the type and the size of the rental property and on the scale of your budget.

Generally for small vacation properties, an individual housekeeper may be the best option while a large property with many rooms could be maintained better with the help of a janitorial company. The decision is an important one since it can affect your bottomline as well as the property’s appeal in a significant way. We discuss some pros and cons here:

Pros of going with a cleaning service

1. You should be able to locate the cleaning service you require with ease. A search of the yellow pages or the Internet should help you locate a cleaning service in quick time. But locating the cleaning service is just the first step; for once you have located them, it is essential to check up on their background in order to ensure that they are reputable as well as reliable. lavado de tanques de agua potable bogota

2. The cleaning service is quite affordable especially when you consider the fact that they charge less than an individual housekeeper. In addition, you can depend on the cleaning crews to be more reliable as any sick member of the cleaning crew can be easily replaced, unlike an individual housekeeper.

3. The cleaning service may not require much time to complete a job as their cleaning crews generally consists of two to three workers. In addition, the duration of the job depends on the size of the property as well as on the workload.

Despite these positives, there are a few negatives when it comes to hiring a cleaning crew. Some of them are:

1. The cleaning crew may not be all that thorough when it comes to cleaning.

2. Since there is very little communication between the owner and the cleaning crew management, you may not be able to customize the service provided.

3. The cleaning crew may tend to overlook a few things on account of lack of familiarity with the property.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of working with an individual housekeeper

1.A good housekeeper will pay attention to detail and is more likely to undertake tasks that are not a part of his/her contract. Such service may well mean the difference between a good vacation experience and a bad one for your guest.

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