How To Make a QR Code Stand Out From The Crowd

You may be asking what is that box of black and white patterns that you may have spotted popping up on cereal boxes, ads and other printed material? Is it abstract art? Perhaps an inkblot test? Or maybe if you stare at it long enough you’ll see a hidden picture? Sorry to tell you the only thing you’ll see after staring at it is a doctor after it makes you dizzy and gives you a headache.

The last guess is close, but not quite. They are QR (Quick Response) codes. It’s a matrix barcode that can be read by QR barcode readers and smartphones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The encoded information can be either text, URL or other data.

You may be asking yourself, “Why do I need to know about it?” While QR codes are not big in the U.S. yet, it is used extensively in Japan and other Asian countries. In fact, they were created in Japan by a subsidiary of Toyota back in the 1990’s. These codes can appear on anything from magazines, signs, business cards or practically anything which users might need information.

As for its use in real estate, realtors can use a QR code to provide easy access to buyers and sellers regarding listings, contact information and videos to assist with their real estate needs. Real estate agents may no longer need to fill up printed ads and flyers with tons of words and pictures. The code can neatly imprint all that information with an eye-catching design while only taking up a minimal amount of space.

All you need to read a QR code is a smartphone with the correct reader application. You can download the QR Reader app from practically any app store for free. Once you have the app, scan the QR code as if you were taking a picture of it to display the hidden text, information or web page in your phone’s browser. It’s that simple. No need to type a web address or key in information. This allows “quick” access to the information stored in the code. create a QR Code

Interested in making a QR code for your business or personal use? You can create your own at a number of different websites. Two well-known sites for code generation are . Goo.gl allows you to shorten a URL into a goo.gl format. After it’s shortened, click on the details link and it will create your QR code. Google will also track your QR code for the number of times it is scanned as a good way to analyze its effectiveness. Kaywa offers a few more options when creating your QR code. It lets you enter a URL site, text, phone number or SMS information and allows you to change the size of the QR code.

QR codes may finally be taking hold in the U.S. and could become the next “it” thing. Some people remain skeptical of its future because of the limited number of smartphone users who have downloaded the QR Reader app. However some newer smartphones already have this app installed in anticipation of the growth of the QR code in the U.S. With the increase in smartphone usage and prominent endorsements from large companies and corporations such as Target and Macy’s, we could be seeing more QR codes in the near future.


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