Pork Roast Leftovers With Dumplings and Gravy

Do you have roast pork leftovers? They can make a delicious meal with gravy and dumplings. This is an easy and very tasty recipe that proves you do not have to buy ready-mixed dumplings or gravy granules. I try to use natural ingredients whenever possible, and this is no exception. If you do not like butter, try using coconut oil instead. The only artificial ingredient in here is the baking powder in the self-raising flour, which is relatively virtuous for a special occasion.

You will need the following.



Chopped garlic (1/2 teaspoon per two people)

Small cubes of apple (1 apple per 2-3 people)

One sliced leek (or 2 spring onions) per 2-4 people – use green parts as well as the white

Plain flour for thickening or other thickener of your choice

Salt (preferably sea or mountain salt)

Pepper (preferable freshly ground)


Allspice (sometimes called Pimento Allspice)

Small amount of mixed herbs, fresh or dried (such as oregano, thyme, tarragon, etc.)

Leftover pork roast, cut into bite-size pieces

Cider (optional, a third of a small bottle per two people)

Leftover vegetables. If not enough leftover vegetables, half-cook some potatoes, carrots, and whatever vegetables you wish to use.

Dumplings (per 4 people):

2 cups (2 x 240 ml) of self-raising flour pasture raised pork

Sprinkling of salt if needed

2 tablespoons of butter

3/4 cup milk

Tiny sprinkling of chopped thyme (optional)

To make the dumpling mixture:

Add salt and thyme (if used) to flour. Cut butter into flour with a fork until almost but not fully mixed in. Add milk and stir around until only just mixed and no more.

Then make the meal:

Melt a small amount of butter in the cooking pot, adding garlic and apple, stirring till apple starts to soften, then add leek. Stir and fry till leeks start to soften, add pork, stir, sprinkle wit flour or thickener, as desired, stir, and briefly take off the heat. Add vegetables, stir, and then sprinkle al liberally with salt, pepper, cinnamon, and allspice (as if you are liberally salting chips). Put back on the heat and keep stirring as you add the cider (If used), and top up with water till the consistency of gravy, as the water starts to boil. Drop dumplings onto the top of this mixture, each dumpling about a heaped tablespoon. Cook uncovered at very low heat for 10 minutes. Cover and cook for another 10.


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