Printed Tape For Packaging And Brand Building

The printed tape that is used to seal your packages does multiple duties. Above all, it securely seals your package or parcel during transit. The tape can also highlight handling instructions as when the printing consists of clearly visible words like FRAGILE or GLASS.

However, the most profitable use of printed tape is in using it to build your company brand. Print your packaging tapes with your Logo, Company Name, Contact Phone and even a short, high impact, Promotional Message. Not only your customers, but also the package handlers and persons passing by the stored packages will then come to see your message. It will be a waste not to use the package real estate by using printed tapes.

Printed Packaging Tapes

The tapes can be made of different materials like Vinyl or Polypropylene. Each material will have differing characteristics. Vinyl is excellent for making printed tape as it has good printability property.

The copy to be printed on the tape consists typically of your company logo, name and contact details. The design of the copy should be high impact to create the kind of impression you want to make. If necessary, you can seek the help of your printed tape supplier to create an easily recognizable and impressive design. adhesive tape manufacturer 

You can ask the tape supplier to show you the proof before the final printing begins. With modern computer aided design methodologies, the design can be developed quickly and you can expect a proof within, say, 24 hours.

Once you approve the proof, the printed tapes can usually be delivered in one or two weeks, depending on the workload of the tape manufacturer. Even if the delivery period is slightly longer, it is better to entrust the work to quality conscious suppliers. They can ensure quality printing that will be impressive and will not fade by the time the package reaches its destination.

The type and color of material used can affect the overall impression created. The printed tape can be made of clear, adhesive plastic, or can be colored, say, white, yellow or buff. The printing should be highly visible and readable against the background.

Incidentals of Ordering Printed Tapes

What kind of material should be used for making the printed tapes? Do your products need self adhesive, clear plastic tapes? Or do you need printed strapping tapes?

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