The Wonders of Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets have long been produced and employed by people through the ages. Before we had closets or storage cabinets, baskets were used to store or carry all manner of things. These days we continue to use wicker containers for storage, and as an attractive addition to practical objects around the home. One of the additional major uses of wicker, both natural and man-made, is for nice-looking sunroom or backyard furniture. Relaxing on traditional wicker chairs is reminiscent of times gone by when a woman would carry a wicker shopping basket when she went along to the grocery store and messenger boys rode bikes using a wicker bicycle basket to carry their goods.

There is no better place to place the family’s soiled clothing – out of sight yet easy to get to – than inside a wicker laundry basket. You might have one in every bedroom for clothing and another in the bathroom for used bathroom towels. It might even motivate your teen to pick up after themselves! Using a man-made basket you will have a selection of colorings to help you have one to go with the decoration. Another kind of wicker laundry basket, that is distinct from a hamper is an open oval basket having a handle at both ends. This is ideal for moving washing back and forth from the washer and bringing it outside to dry in the fresh air. custom wicker basket flower basket willow b

Wicker picnic baskets may well arouse visions of an English midsummer afternoon. Ladies sit around on neatly arranged blankets observing the men folk playing cricket. Although this might be a lovely image, a modern day picnic basket works well for all manner of group outings and jaunts. Great for just a day at the beach or in the woodland, to carry all the drinks, snack foods and sandwiches you may need for the day. Visit your neighborhood thrift store or public sale and you might find a wicker picnic basket from the 50s or 60s filled with brightly colored plastic tableware, flasks and perhaps a checkered tablecloth. These are as useful today as they were then but they are also becoming a classic piece.

When you’re designing a space for the new infant you are expecting, why not look at a wicker moses basket. Most are available fully padded and produced especially as a baby’s crib. Although, should you not choose to trust your cherished infant to a basket for sleeping, a wicker moses basket makes a lovely as well as classic accessory to a infant’s room. A basket may be used for storage of baby outfits, napkins, or all the plushy toys your infant will certainly receive as gifts by adoring friends and relatives.



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