Ultimate Motherboard Guide – Demystifying Motherboard Specs

A motherboard can be thought of as the foundation for any computer system. It is the largest component in your computer and provides pathways for all other devices, internal and external, Best motherboard for rtx 2060 to communicate with each other. Therefore, it is vital that you spend some time researching for a good quality motherboard.

Main motherboard specifications

Before you run out looking for a motherboard, it’s best to know a little about the components that make up the motherboard.


There are two main chipsets on a motherboard, the Northbridge and Southbridge controller. The Northbridge handles communications with high speed components such as the CPU, Memory, and graphics card. Conversely, the Southbridge handles communication from low speed devices such as I/O ports, hard drives, on-board audio and BIOS.

Motherboards are designed around these two chips, the Northbridge dictates what kind of CPU’s and memory types are supported, whereas the Southbridge dictates things like the number of built in USB ports and whether or not the board comes with integrated audio, video, RAID, LAN, etc…


The CPU is inserted directly into a socket on the motherboard and is responsible for processing instructions. The types of CPU supported by a motherboard depend on the Northbridge controller chip.

Expansion Slots

The expansion slots on the motherboard allow you to connect external components, such as graphic cards, sound cards, RAID controllers, and other various add-on components. The slots come in varying speeds and some are intended for high speed components only, such as the PCI-E x16 and AGP slots for graphic cards.

Form Factor

Form factor refers to the size and shape of the motherboard i.e. its dimensions. When purchasing a new motherboard you need to be aware of its form factor because certain cases and power supplies only work with certain form factors. The most common form factor is ATX and these days most motherboards are based on the ATX form factor.

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